Home Made Gazpacho

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Gazpacho is also known as “Andalusian gazpacho”. It’s very easy to make. It originated in Spain, Portugal. It’s a smooth blend of raw veggies with perfect amounts of salt, pepper and olive oil. It’s usually served as a cold appetizer and widely eaten in Spain.

We all know that Fresh tomatoes season is back again and it’ s time to make gazpacho. It’s a healthy soup, rich in minerals, with antioxidants, fibre and contains Vitamin A, C and E as well.

It hydrates your body. It is an isotonic drink with minerals, water and salt. Isotonic drink in digestion and improves your body performance. It helps in losing weight because it is a low-calorie dish rich in fibre. 

It contains lemon juice and tomatoes. We all know lemon and tomatoes contain Vitamin C which means adding Vitamin C in your diet helps you in improving your immunity.  


Serving : 1-2 people

Course : Appetizer

Cuisine : Spain


4 medium tomatoes 

1 medium cucumber (seedless) 

1 medium green capsicum 

3 white bread slices 

½ lemon 

Olive oil 

Salt to taste 

¼ tsp Black pepper 

¼ Ice Water 


1. Cut  tomatoes roughly and take out seeds of cucumber and capsicum.

2. Then  cut cucumber and capsicum roughly.

3. Take a big bowl and add all the veggies. 

4. Then add crushed bread slices, salt, pepper and olive oil. 

5. Mix them well.

6. Leave this mixture for 3 to 4 hours in the refrigerator for absorbing the flavours. 

7. Take the mixer and put the mixture in the mixer and blend well . 

8. Take out in a bowl and your gazpacho soup is ready to eat. 

9. Garnish with chopped cucumber and cucumber slices.

And voila! Your perfect summer detox soup is ready to be served. 


Delicious Ending

Hope you like the dish and share your thoughts on below youtube video and also new unique dish will be coming soon which is too easy to make at your home so please subscribe the youtube channel for coming video notifications.

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