How to lose belly fat naturally

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In Nowadays, having a big belly becomes the problem because so much body fat leads to laziness, stress, heart attack, sugar, blood pressure etc, but it is not about only belly fat so when anybody does exercise she loses fat from the whole body it is a myth that you can lose body fat only.

Today I am going to show how anyone can lose whole body fast easily and effectively. But there are lots misconception related to losing weight so please dont follow any routine without knowing the science behind the body that how bodywork properly when you do not eat your food at the proper time so stay with me, I here to help you very easily.

Loose Weight Step By Step

1. Calculate Your BMI(Body Mass Index): BMI lets you know how much fat your body should have. It also gives you if you overweight, underweight and then you check you need to lose fat or not. So I am sharing the link for BMI calculator:

2. Calculate Your Calories Intake: So whole fat losing techniques depends on how much calories you take per day Vs how you loose per day by doing exercise, running etc. But Some amount of calories required by your body for doing digestion and all other kinds of the in-body process but this amount differ body by body. You can calculate how much you should intake the calories to lose without harming your body:

3. Maintain Per Day Diet: This means you have to divide your whole day meal in such a manner that you can fulfil you calories intake mean not more than that you calculated to lose weight it can be less or more little bit try to maintain as possible you can. Divide your meal in 4 part for the whole day and make the first meal with should be large amount of calories then next meal should less amount of calories so on.

That’s it you can see your progress in a month, just you need to follow these three steps.

Hope you like this method without any fastening method, just give your feedback by commenting below. Make everybody healthy and wealthy by your knowledge so share this as possible you can.

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